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Event Management Automation Protocol (EMAP)

The EMAP Team Needs Your Use Cases

The EMAP Working Group needs low-level IT event and audit management use cases to help us formulate a better understanding of the activity that occurs (or could occur) within a typical event/audit management system. These use cases will drive the direction of the working group and the development specifications that are included in EMAP.

By "low-level" we mean use cases that actually depict the event management components interacting within a system, and the data flows between those components to solve a specific goal. If you have a real-world example that you deal with day to day that would be a great thing to share. We would also appreciate use cases depicting scenarios that would make your life much easier, but you cannot yet accomplish with your current tools. These are just general guidelines; if you have something you would like to share, but are not sure if it fits, please share it anyway and let us worry about narrowing them down.

Some general guidelines for submissions:

  • Please submit all use cases directly to Paul Cichonski (
  • Please include a title for each use case you submit as it will help with initial groupings.
  • Please classify the difficulty of the use case as you currently perceive it using: Low, Medium, or High. Where Low signifies it is something done with ease, Medium signifies it is doable, but not easy, and High signifies that it is something you wish you could do, but can't yet accomplish. Just use your gut feel on this, that will be enough to help us with the initial grouping.
  • Please provide a short 1-2 paragraph description of the use case. Don't worry about describing any of the data flows in great detail, let us handle that.

Please help us by submitting a use case or more (the more the better) that is important to you, this is an easy way to ensure your viewpoint is considered in the development of future event management standardization efforts.

Thanks in advance,

The EMAP Team