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CRE - Common Remediation Enumeration

The Common Remediation Enumeration (CRE) is part of an emerging suite of enterprise remediation specifications that enable automation and enhanced correlation of enterprise remediation activities. Each CRE entry represents a unique remediation activity and is assigned a globally unique CRE identifier (CRE-ID). This specification describes the core concepts of CRE and the technical components of a CRE entry, outlines how CRE entries are created, and defines the technical requirements for constructing CRE entries.

The Remediation Discussion List is available for developers interested in CRE and other emerging security automation standards. Please subscribe to this list through the SCAP Community page.

CRE Specification Resources

CRE 1.0 Resources

CRE Specification 1.0 (DRAFT)
XML Schema Files: [what is a schema?]
CRE 1.0 Schema (DRAFT) (XSD 1.0)
Example of CRE XML